Professional photographer and videographer with over 15 years of experience, Vincenzo Rigogliuso collaborates on a wide range of creative projects with many event, advertising and communication agencies, trade brands and institutions.

An expert photographer for business, institutional, corporate portraits, brand and commercial products, Vincenzo specializes in large format events such as fairs, conventions, campaigns and congresses.

In addition to various art photography and travel reportage projects, he has also had many successful collaborations in the world of culture such as at festivals, concerts, galas and special events in the fashion, music, cinema and entertainment sectors.

His work is characterised by fresh and innovative images that capture a flawless representation of all types of corporate products, events, and activities, as well as small format events such as showrooms, and company launches, with a capacity to portray the essence of both commercial and products.

Vincenzo creates strong and vibrant images that respect the natural illumination of their subjects and settings, by finding the best views and capturing moments and situations by focusing on the brand and keeping the company image at the forefront.

Every project is crafted with the utmost accuracy and creativity while always striving to find the most innovative and original portrayals that satisfy clients' expectations.

Based in Barcelona, ​​Vincenzo speaks English, Catalan, Spanish and Italian and is available for national and international commissions.

Some of the companies and brands that have chosen the photography services of Vincenzo

España Incoming & Incentives | The Original Tonica | Celsa Group | Fireta Events | Serveto | Roca | Modyf | Motorsol Barcelona | Centre Esportiu Joan Miró | Glassy Film | Albiñana Films Produccions | Messina Line | Pro Agency | Roche | Avance Comunicación | Ericsson | The Plan Company | Spanish Heritage DMC | Cut Comunication | Letsbonus FCB | SouthAfrica | Alo Spain DMC | Abreu Viajes DMC | Privé Barcelona | Bloom Events | Telefonica Brasil | Love Events | Zurich | Grupo Eventoplus | GEA | Iberoteam Agency | Fiat Brasil | Liberty Seguros | Porche Barcelona | Meliá Sarriá Hotel | Jack Morton | Agency Pokertstar | Intermedic | Bacus Eventos | Daba Broker Solutions | Incentives Barcelona | Unit Elements Agency | Sono Audiovisuales | Singularis Catering | Reinassance Hotel | Wonder London | Ireland Davenport | Barceló Sants Hotel | Hesperia Tower Hotel Universitat de Barcelona | American Express Barceló | Cititravel DMC | Eblex | SPA Acadine | Smithers Rapra | Estrella Damm | Google | Eibtm | Bayer | Armani | Guess    

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